High School Projects

The photo on the top right is an image from the end of A Moment's Image ☺

The photo on the left is from when my friend Nathan and I were filming the final scene for "A Moment's Image". It wasn't the last scene shot, but it was the last scene in the film.

The photo on the bottom right is from when Nathan and I went to Lenaea to get footage for a documentary that Ms. Tamura is currently putting together.

Most of the pieces I have done have been through the film/video class at Marin School of the Arts at Novato High School. Nathan Klaes and I were filmmaking partners for a couple of years, and together we have created about 20 pieces, including our feature "A Moment's Image." Nathan and I had a pretty good working relationship. We generally collaborated on the writing process, he filmed, and I directed. Sometimes he felt motivated to edit a scene or two, but usually I did the majority of the editing work and he then would tell me everything I did wrong and yell at me to fix it. Oddly enough it worked well. Perhaps our greatest piece together has been "A Moment's Image". We started writing it the beginning of Senior year, and we shot and edited it second semester in 2007. It was almost an hour long and was an absolute blast to make. Thanks to the equally hard work and dedication of our actors and actresses we were able to complete it with very satisfying results. Over the summer in 2007 Nathan and I worked on a failed piece called "Foreign Exchange" with a man who claimed to have connections with MTV. He also had us make a documentary about the midnight premier of the 7th Harry Potter book as he claimed he could get it onto KQED, but big surprise, nothing came of that. We soon learned that this man had no viable connections at either MTV or KQED, and unfortunately we wasted a couple of months on these projects. Nathan stuck it out longer than I did and continued to film. I kind of extricated myself when I realized the guy we were working for was a dud.

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