I took a class in photography my senior year in high school. I learned a lot about how to take goodly pictures.

Pet Portraits

These are pet portraits. Chase and Carlotta are cool animals. I hope that they are happy where they are tonight.


This is Cameron playing my guitar. This is a class assignment. Charlie is pretending to be cool, which is fine because I guess he is cool.

Geometric Shapes

These are some geometric shapes. As you can see, they are shapes. Shapes are cool because they can make other shapes, and shapes are cool.


These are some candles reflected in a mirror. Big whoop. Couldn't you have figured that out on your own or did you need me to help? I like the colors, but I might like it better in BW. What say you hypothetical people?

Light Fantastic

These, too, were supposed to be in black and white, but I like them a lot better in color. The red is just so vibrant.

Miscellaneous Projects

Empty space is self-explanatory. I hope. I pray to God it is for you people. The ghost one was fun to do. I thought it turned out well. It wasn't actually a project, but I think it was potentially going to be one.